Monday, 22 October 2018

Abandoned Coach House

Behind an old abandoned Hall stands an abandoned Coach House which seems to have been partly renovated.

It was a puzzling place to explore - some of the place had been renovated and yet some of it was in a really bad state of repair with mould and moss on the walls.

The kitchen - which looked like an episode of "Cowboy Builders".

                   There was an extensive collection of souvenir fridge magnets on the hall floor.

                      Upstairs were the bedrooms - one of which had a log burning stove.

                                                               The floors were warped.

Stairs up to a mezzanine level.

Not much else to say about the place - very puzzling. 

Abandoned Hall by the Lake

This Hall was built in the late Nineteenth Century by local doctor and property speculator although he himself is not thought to have lived there. The Hall was originally the home of The Coddington family who lived in the Hall for many years until around 1920. 
In the 1930′s the house was acquired by the YHA and became a Youth Hostel. Later the hall has been at various times a private dwelling, a 
nightclub and a hotel.

The hall is set in stunning countryside, overlooking a lake. 

On gaining access we found ourselves in the entrance hall with the impressive staircase.

The entrance porch had stained glass which had unfortunately been splattered with paint.

The floor tiles in the entrance porch.

The staircase and banister were also liberally covered in splatters of white paint.

One of the downstairs rooms.

  Another of the downstairs rooms.

The staircase seemed quite solid but we were wary of dodgy floorboards. 

There was little left inside and not much of interest to see. The most impressive feature was the staircase and banister.

One of the upstairs rooms.

The largest of the upstairs rooms. 

This building would undoubtedly have been an impressive house in its day. Sad to see it in its current state - just a shell of a building. Hopefully plans to renovate it will come to fruition.

Abandoned Asphalt Plant

This plant once made asphalt products, including flooring blocks and roofing sheets making use of locally quarried limestone. It closed around 2009. It is in deepest rural Derbyshire and we were lucky to visit on a sunny Autumnal day. It was easy access and we encountered plenty of people walking past with their dogs.

Despite being abandoned for several years, there was plenty to see.

Quite a few pieces by Coloquix, whom we had the pleasure of meeting as we left the site (he was in the process of working on another piece)

       A budding Van Gogh had created a "Starry Night" mural in one of the rooms.

An Archimedes screw.

Despite being nowhere near any water, there was an abandoned boat.

                                                                 More work by Coloquix.

It was a rather good little mooch - thanks to Judderman for driving!