Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dronsfield Motors

Dronsfields Mercedes are the largest independent Mercedes car & commercial specialist in Europe.
A Saddleworth company who were originally based at the Wall Hill Mill, a family run business with over 30 years experience in the vehicle maintenance industry. They relocated to Royton in 2009, leaving this site at Wall Hill to decay and rot.

Taken from their website, "The Dobcross site covers 8 acres, which means the company can fulfil customers requirements directly from under one roof. And – being ever conscious of the fragility of the global environment – Dronsfields Mercedes carries out its obligations to future generations by recycling its vehicles to government specifications and beyond".

                                       We visited this site after a look round Hartford Mill.

For some strange reason, there is an abandoned truck on the road going sown from the main road.

They were big on signage at Dronsfields. There were signs for just about everything you could imagine.
We had a good look around the outside. It was very peaceful. The only sound was birdsong.
The first door we came upon didn't look very promising.
Grass growing on the walls.
A moss-covered chair, rotting outside.
A fire escape leading to a dead end.
Spider's web.
We found an open door and ventured inside.
I like derelict buildings. I like their emptiness. Their history. I like finding beauty in the dereliction. However, this interior had to be the most trashed place I have yet visited. It was completely and utterly trashed. The stench of damp and decay hit you as soon as you entered. The holes in the roof and copious amounts of Saddleworth rain have turned this place into a stinking sopping wet shell of a building.
The 2009 wall calendar, showing how long this place has been abandoned.
The offices (I presume?) Roofing insulation hanging from the ceilings. Trash all over the flooring.
A nice bit of peeling paint.
In short, it really was a health-hazard so we decided to leave.

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