Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bleak House

Up on the moors, in between Egerton and Darwen, down a very muddy path can be found the ultimate derelict building. Only two of its walls remain and they are crumbling. I visited twice and both times the weather turned nasty - snow on one occasion and an icy shower the other! I found it in keeping with the bleakness of the surrounding landscape. I have put on here a mixture of the pictures from both visits.
Excuse the white blobs on the above pic - one from the snowy day!
A rare moment of sunshine in  between the showers!
I can't find out any history behind this building. I am assuming it was a farm house or outbuilding. There is another working farm nearby. Therefore this post will be mainly photos and very little words. I hope that the shots sum up the bleakness of the place.

More of the snow!



The main road on the snowy day as we were leaving. I can certainly say that I suffered for my art on this occasion!

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