Sunday, 14 February 2016

St. Paul's revisited

Back in November 2014 I visited St. Paul's in Yorkshire, but the only access was through a high window. On a rather wet and cold Sunday January morning, I returned with Judderman for a spot of derp-worshipping and found a back door open.
St. Paul's was closed in 1999 and since then, its only congregation has been hundreds of pigeons and a few urbexers.
It is truly unthinkable that this once beautiful building has been left to rot in this way. Despite the damp, the thick layer of pigeon poo on every exposed surface (including several dead pigeons lying around) this building still has something beautiful about it - chiefly the blue ceiling with the pale vaulting as a contrast.
 If you look carefully, you can see Judderman of some of the shots! He was brave enough to venture up to the balcony.

Looking at the pews, one wonders what the church was like in its hey day.

Not much else to say about the place. The only sound inside was the steady drip of a leaking roof and the odd flapping of wings from the pigeons high above in the bell tower.



Too wet to get externals - the one at the start was taken on my first visit.