Monday, 21 March 2016

Edenwood Mill

Edenwood mill, built in 1801, has been empty and derelict since 2001. In the early part of the 20th century the factory was extended using red brick which was developed as a dyeing facility for Turnbull and Stockdale Limited, to compliment their weaving, bleaching, printing and distribution activities.Between 1968 and 2001 the Edenwood site was solely used as a specialist hand-block printing factory.

The back of the mill, situated by a little river. On Boxing Day, 2015, the river burst its banks and the mill was flooded. There is still a thick layer of mud on the ground floor, and flood debris remains.

The chimney.

We entered the mill on the upper level. The wooden flooring seemed to be in a very poor state. In fact, my fellow urbex pal actually went through some of the flooring, which was a very scary experience! Luckily he wasn't too badly injured. A stark warning at just how dangerous this past-time can be!

                                           In parts, the roof is non-existant!

                              The mill is situated in a very pretty rural location.


Despite it being a death-trap and almost totally trashed, there was a certain charm to the place.

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