Friday, 11 August 2017

Munich Olympiastadion Station

München Olympiastadion is a former stop on the Munich S-Bahn. The station was opened in 1972 to cope with extra demands for transportation for the 1972 Munich Olympics. It closed in 1988 after the UEFA Championship and the tracks leading to the station have since been removed.

The station consisted of two island platforms with four tracks in total. Two of them terminated at the station, and the remaining two continued further south. The tracks were disconnected in 2003 to allow easier excavation of the tunnel for the U3 extension of the Munich U-Bahn. The line connecting Munich's central station and the airport was planned to use the former S-Bahn leading to this station. It would have emerged from the tunnel approximately 500 meters south of the station but, the line was abandoned due to increased costs.

We visited on a grey July afternoon when we had visited the Olympic Stadium for a mooch whilst on holiday. It was easy to access and we were not alone. Two photographers left as were arrived, and there was a guy photographing a model as well as a couple of homeless guys who had made a make-shift camp in one corner.

There were no signs of the ticket office but one part of the station was inaccessible.

                      There was plenty of greenery fighting back on the train tracks (not surprising, after all this time left abandoned)

 The greenery and spray paint really made the place, which was just a grey concrete shell.

                                    There was a good choice of graff on display, which, judging by pics I've seen online, changes regularly.

 You can just about make out the photographer and his model on this shot. She was brandishing a baseball bat at one point!

 This is where the homeless guys were hanging out. They seemed used to people mooching around with cameras.

I really enjoyed this place. It wasn't very large but there was plenty to see and photograph. I always get an extra kick out of finding a spot of urbex on holiday for some strange reason.

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