Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Manchester . . . so much to answer for!

As Morrissey so eloquently put it, "Oh, the rain falls hard on a humdrum town - this town has dragged you down". New Year's Day 2014 was a "Morrissey" day; dark, grey and p-ing it down in Manchester. I dragged my teenage daughter out of her pit and we headed up towards Piccadilly.
I wanted to see the disused Mayfield Station.

However, it became clear that as we traipsed around the site, there would be no way in today. The station is long since shut down and very firmly boarded up. Nevertheless, it was still quite interesting to view it from the outside, with nature fighting back.  

The teenager was starting to huff and puff in the style of Kevin and Perry so we made our way back to civilisation, via some interesting graffiti in the Northern Quarter.

How did they get up there to paint that?!!

Much to my teenager's disgust, Affleck's Palace was shut but it didn't stop me from getting a few interesting shots . . .

And Stevenson Square and its fantastic graffiti . . .


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