Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Prospect Mill Update

On a sunny December morning, I set off with AML to visit the delights of West Yorkshire. First stop was H. Hey and Sons mill in Bradford. I wasn't expecting to get inside the mill but thought we'd get some decent outside shots. It turned out that we couldn't even get in the yard and there were too many people around, including a nosy postman, watching out every move! This was the best that I could do . . .

And off we went to the next on the list - a revisit to Prospect Mill.

It was only two months since my last visit but it now resembled Fort Knox and was securely fenced off from hopeful Urbex-ers! We could have given it a go but were reluctant to with a house overlooking the mill and in very close proximity, as well as a couple of dog walkers around.

We had a good look round on the main road for other signs of access but were foiled. Shame that, as I really fancied going inside as it was a great day in terms of lighting.



We then proceeded to the Brick Works (see separate blog) which was thankfully a success.

On the way we spotted this fantastic viaduct . . .

Our final place on the list was Reins Mill.
Once again, we were foiled by the fencing and padlocks. We could have climbed in further down the road, but it wouldn't have been very lady-like and there were plenty of people around.

So we ventured into an agricultural merchant's yard (who deal in fertiliser!) 'cos that's the way we roll!

I have no idea what this is, but it looked interesting . . .

We had a really good look around the back of the site, but were not prepared to swim across the river!

In typical urbex style, the day hadn't quite gone as planned but we had still got plenty of shots and seen something different.

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