Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lancashire Mill

This Grade II listed building was originally a cotton spinning mill, built by G. Temperly in 1903. 

It is a 6 story building with a tower in the South-west corner. The mill is now used by a variety of small businesses, split into separate parts. I have to credit @UKLightCreation for photo-shopping the shot above.  

And below, the usual signage, the bane of the Urbex- er . . .

As the mill is still in use, I decided to just take shots from the outside. It has a particularly photogenic red fire escape that caught my eye.
It is reputed to be one of the first mills to be equipped with
concrete filler joist floors, but the internal structure has
been modified. 

In the car park, there was a great view of the back of the colourful terraced housing on the nearby main road, framed by a barbed wire fence.

And more barbed wire round the back of the building. . .

Looking up at the building from an unusual angle . .

And more of the red fire escape, with the rest of the colour extracted in a particularly geeky edit . . .

A bit of sepia tint for the "retro-look"

Maybe one day I will take a climb up this fire escape . . .

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