Monday, 30 December 2013

Derelict Brickworks with Graffiti aplenty!

It appears to be difficult to find much in the way of history of this old brick works and I'm sure to merely repeat what little everyone else has researched. Henry Victor Allen took over the Halifax Glazed Brick Works in the Walterclough valley and converted the works to manufacture refractory bricks. Apparently their Selfrac refractory bricks were world famous!
In recent years it was a plastic manufacturer, but a series of fires and the bankruptcy of the site owner have left the site in wonderful dereliction, much to the delight of the local graffiti artists!

We parked up and took a muddy but picturesque countryside walk on a public footpath to the brickworks.

The site is in a bad state of dereliction and is much larger than first impressions give, with many various brick buildings, most with roofing in a bad state. There is evidence of the many fires that have damaged the buildings even further.

A previous explorer had left playing cards in various places around the site . . .



As expected, there were a variety of different bricks lying around the site.

The usual signage (usually graffitied of course) . . .

 And the odd padlock, which thankfully didn't prevent us from seeing everything that we wished to see.
The main draw was the prolific graffiti.

At this point, we could hear some graffiti artists at work, with the tell-tale sounds of shaking of aerosol cans. We didn't actually see them, and weren't sure how "friendly" they would be anyhow. We decided not to say "hello" and left them to their work . . .
And not forgetting the ubiquitous manky old armchair!
There are plenty more shots that I like but, for some reason, technology is against me and most of my portrait-oriented shots are being inserted landscape so I've had to leave them out - very frustrating! If anyone has any tips on what I'm doing wrong, they would be gratefully received and may save this laptop going through a window at some point!
Thanks for looking . . .

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