Thursday, 27 March 2014

Derelict pigment factory

Chisworth Works was built around  the end of the 18th century/ early 19th century. It was extended sometime over the years.
By 1973, the site was used as a dyeing works. The company started "winding-up" in 2006 and was dissolved/liquidised and closed in September that year. There is a row of terraced cottages at the side of the factory, which were used for worker's accommodation as well as offices.
I'd heard tales that the place is haunted. I felt OK there but did hear a few "strange" noises, which I didn't expect as the place is in the middle of nowhere!

The row of cottages . . all boarded up now.
The main building.  
Why is there always a clapped-out cooker/ and or a selection of broken chairs at these sites? 
I went into the first building I came across as both doors and glass in windows were missing. Not much to see in there - just a selection of more junk!
Somebody appeared to have left their wellington boot . . .  

I had a good mooch around the exterior of the whole building, looking for a way in. Sadly, all the doors and windows that I had seen on previous pots on Urbex forums had now been boarded up quite securely. The only apparent way in was on the second floor, through an open window, but required climbing the staircase below . . . I considered it but decided against it, being alone and not relishing the idea of me lying on the ground with broken limbs if I fell!

The view round the side of the building.  

This place was big on signage - there must have been dozens of these signs around the place.  

Another of the securely locked doors . . with grammatically incorrect graffiti.
A bit of peeling paint to feed my "peeling paint fetish" . . .  
Another door, tantalisingly closed to me!
I then found an open doorway round the other side . . . some rather rickety wooden stairs led to a small room with the ubiquitous abandoned chair (looked a bit like the "Mastermind" chair)
More broken glass . . .  

And, despite all the decay and dereliction, daffodils were growing. Nature always wins y' know . . .

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