Monday, 21 July 2014

Holdings Pottery revisited

What a difference 5 months makes! Since my last visit, the place had become totally overgrown with brambles, nettles and other such annoying foliage! Despite somebody doing some work in the garden next door, we were left alone for our visit. (AML accompanied me this time)

Not much had changed inside. It's still too dark and damp.

There are still several broken chairs with foliage starting to grow through them.
Just a bit more moss has grown on the arm chair.
Plenty of pottery making paraphernalia . . .
Machinery . . .
There is a fantastic view of the moors from the outhouse.
A headless statue left to rot . . .
One of several old cookers lying around.
This time I managed to get into the "house" part but sadly it was just too dark to get any decent shots, being tripod-less! Among the rubbish and clutter there are several personal effects lying around - a framed photograph of a family wedding, bills, and a graduation photograph. But my, is there some rubbish in there too!

Sad to see a business and home gone to waste. Beautiful setting on the windswept moors. Be careful if you decide to visit - the ceiling is ready to go and it's probably a death trap!

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