Thursday, 14 August 2014

Urbex in Sunny Spain!

While on holiday in a sleepy Spanish village on the Portuguese border, travelling around in a hire car, I spotted several derelict buildings. I was "allowed" by my fellow non-urbexers to visit a couple of these - one was a no-go in the end as there was an inhabited house right next to the derelict buildings and I didn't have enough Spanish to try to think up a plausible excuse if caught! The other was this . . .
I realised as I climbed the wall, covered in dry, prickly foliage that wearing flip-flops had been a serious mistake but continued . . .
It appeared to be some sort of agricultural/light industrial building and I have sadly been unable to discover anything about the place.
This sign translates to something like "Prohibited to step onto private property. Private - no littering and rubbish" and then something about complaints. Fair enough. I won't complain!


So I pretended that I didn't understand any Spanish and stepped foot on the private property!
"Lo que es un agujero de mierda!"
(Spanish for 'what a horrible place")
The floor was covered in the droppings from pigeons over many months if not years! Not ideal when wearing flip-flops!
It was a health-hazard! 
There's that sign from the inside of the window.

Some graffiti . . .
Then round the back I found a rusty old container . . .

In fact, there was rust galore in this place!

It was eerily quiet . . .
I found the usual broken, abandoned, rickety old chair outside . .

And finally, a rusty old gate. It was getting rather hot and I fancied a cold, refreshing beer, seeing as I was on holiday. Thankful that I hadn't injured myself on any rusty nails while wearing totally unsuitable footwear, I left while the going was still good!

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