Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Abandoned school

This was close to the bus graveyard so we had a quick look around the outside. As expected, there wasn't a hope in hell of getting inside the place.

This primary school closed as a result of Amalgamation - Aug. 31, 2002 but then got a new lease of life as a special unit catering  "for pupils who have been permanently excluded or who are in danger of being permanently excluded from mainstream primary schools, and for pupils who have longer term needs as a result significant behavioural, emotional and social difficulties." (From its website)
This school closed and relocated to another part of the town. (Not sure exactly when)

This window still bears a brightly painted fishy mural. However, the graffiti on the walls is less child-friendly!

On second thoughts, maybe the former pupils daubed this graffiti!
As usual, local thieves have made off with quite a lot of the lead off the roof.

Round the side of the building.

The front is on an extremely busy main road.


The main entrance.

Round the back is a shelter which had a lovely (if fading) mural painted by the pupils, dated 1997.

Some of it has been replaced by street art.

The yard still has hopscotch markings painted on the ground and a large blue foot for some game or other.


An overgrown grassy area next to the yard still has giant noughts and crosses, tyres and even a climbing wall.

Not sure what will happen to this building. Shame to see yet another one go to waste. Nature is certainly taking over in the garden area - and winning!

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