Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Abandoned Tudor-style tenements

These three blocks of tenements in Liverpool were built by the council and opened in 1912 by the Countess of Derby, as "labourers' dwellings". In their time they must have been the height of style for the city's working classes, with their balconies and indoor bathrooms with running hot water and flushing toilets.
They eventually became student accommodation. In 1993 they were given Grade II listed status. They are currently derelict. The last remaining original-style tenement building in the city.
I visited with my usual 'partner in crime' on a wet morning.

These buildings are indeed looking really unsafe. We didn't go upstairs on this visit for that reason.

The building is really just an empty shell now.

The balconies. Once a place where people would pass the time of day with neighbours. Now rusting and rotting and empty.
The view from the back.


The walls have long lost their wallpaper and gained street art instead.

This stairwell was in a better state than the others, believe it or not.
Inside one of the ground floor flats. They absolutely stank, despite having no doors and no glass in the windows. I'm convinced that I could smell human waste in one of them!

We were expecting to come across the odd 'undesirable' character, possibly drinking or partaking of drugs but we didn't meet a single soul.

Inside another of the flats.

Nature is definitely fighting back . . and winning!!




This is truly the end of an era for this part of the city. The building is likely to be demolished with new housing replacing it. I would have loved to have visited it during its heyday.

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