Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Moorcock Inn

A pub/restaurant/hotel with splendid views of Pendle Hill and its surrounding countryside, sadly closed its doors in 2010.

We had seen many posts on various Urbex sites about how easy it was to get in, and how marvellous it was inside . . . with the bar lined up with glasses and optics still intact.

But, like this broken plate, our dreams were shattered when we arrived and found all doors very securely boarded up with shiny new screws. Ah, too late!

View from the jungle that was once the Beer garden . . .

You can just about see the swing in the overgrown children's play area.

One of many pesky padlocks, barring access!

There were some broken windows (it involved climbing) but the stench emanating from the place from the outside was enough to make us think twice!

I presume that this was the hotel part of the building.

A view from one of the broken windows - the place is now totally trashed! Thieves have even tried to remove some of the lead from the Tudor style leaded windows.

Round the back - staircase to nowhere . . .

Remnants of better days lie scattered around the back of the building.

Those are the seating part of the picnic table, hidden by two foot of grass!

Parents - I really wouldn't leave your children here!

So we were foiled by padlocks and recently boarded up doors, not to mention the stench, neighbours in the nearby Moorcock House around, as well as our fear of broken glass and lack of climbing skills!

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