Tuesday, 19 August 2014

All aboard! (Bus graveyard revisited)

Another visit to the bus graveyard, in a farmer's field in the North West of England  . . . even more overgrown than last time - brambles, nettles, thistles   galore! There were signs of the farmer being at home so we proceeded with caution . . .

This is the first bus we came upon. Sadly, its doors were jammed. It had travelled its last journey long long ago . . .

Its paint is nicely peeling off all over. 


There was a new addition to the collection . . . well, I say "new" but this was clearly an ancient piece of farming machinery . . .

There were at least 3 different buses. It was particularly treacherous, trying to get to the latter two, due to the abundance of brambles and prickly plants.
These plants were growing freely inside and around the buses.

It was a weird day, lighting wise - rapidly changing from dark to sunny. I tried to capture the clouds in the windscreen of this bus . . .

Inside the bus, brambles grew freely, wrapped around the trashed seats.


An indication of how when this bus made its last journey.
It's still a mystery why all these decrepit buses, tractors and agricultural machinery are collected here, left to rot and rust in a large field.

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