Monday, 24 August 2015

Clog Factory

Urbexing is like waiting for a bus . . . nothing comes along for ages and then you get two explores in one day! After Williamsons' we headed into Yorkshire to visit a former clog factory/ tourist attraction, now closed down of course! The large mill building first started off as a clog factory, in 1946. It later became a tourist attraction but fell on hard times, as well as suffering from a large fire in the mid 1990s. The family business sold the site and planning was passed for an apartment block conversion in 2006 but the site remains as it was. And what a place this was - step inside and be prepared for the clog factory experience!
Well first impressions were not promising, but then I saw this amazing spinning loom!
There was more impressive machinery on the ground floor. Unfortunately, one of the rooms was particularly dark but had an incredible steam machine.
There was also a pitch black haunted house entered via a coffin shaped doorway . . . complete with aliens too scary to show!
Clog posters seemed to be everywhere, for the hard-sell approach.
Upstairs, where there were more machines . . .
There was also an enchanted forest and play area for children, complete with slides and ball pool.
A further floor up contained a café, changing rooms for trying on clothes, and copious amounts of pigeon poo! I found a dead pigeon lying on a mannequin's leg.
There's always a trashed room with a solitary chair placed in it and this was no exception.

But you don't always find an antique baby's pram . . .
There were several hundred copies of this booklet, most of which were turning to pulp from the leaks!
It just got weirder and weirder
Then I found the office in the usual state of disarray, with papers strewn everywhere.
 This was supposed to be some sort of bee which belonged to a weird bee hive structure.

 It was time to go. I'd breathed in enough pigeon poo fumes and my camera battery had taken a battering with all the dark shots. I really loved this place for its wackiness although it wouldn't have been my idea of a good day out when it was operating as intended.


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