Monday, 24 August 2015


Second time lucky on this one . . last time we were foiled by a locked door and no way in! I visited with Fragglehunter, Judderman and Evilnoodle. This family business opened in 1920, specialising in fire and safety equipment and closed around 2011. It was a building full of history, with stables at the back, some beautiful art nouveau tiling and years' worth of peeling paint upstairs!
The building was very dark in places but in the main work room the sun was just about managing to peek its way in through the filthy windows, accompanied by the steady dripping from the leaky roof.
The stables were almost pitch black and I wasn't happy with my shots, which was a pity.
Just through from the stables was quite a light work room.
There were lots of little hand-written signs and notes around the place, giving it a real old-fashioned family business feel and all the more sad for its demise.
I had an explore up the metal staircase to a storage area, full of scaffolding and shelving. There were huge holes in the roof so there were plenty of puddles.

Back towards the entrance were lots of little offices, a kitchen and storage areas.
There were several wooden staircases, leading to upstairs rooms and even a basement. One of the staircases lead to what seemed like old bedrooms, complete with torn out fireplaces, old fashioned light switches and decades worth of peeling paint and wallpaper with the exposed brickwork in places.  
One of my favourite rooms contained just two wooden ladders and fantastic textured peeling paint.
back downstairs, I found an office crammed with papers, tools, nuts and spanners, a typewriter, filing cabinets and even blank cheques!

It was one of those places where it seemed like the owners just shut up shop and didn't even bother to take anything with them. It never fails to amaze me that this happens so often.

 Through this office was a little corridor with the beautiful art nouveau tiles.

There were obvious signs of others having also explored  the place. Sadly, it was quite trashed in places. I think this scrawled message on the office wall sums it all up.
I really enjoyed this explore, as there was so much to see but also sad to think of it all being demolished and lost forever.

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