Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dream Cottage

Cheshire is famous for its cheese, grinning cat, Harry Styles and real housewives. It's also quite posh so I was delighted when I heard about an abandoned house, rather appealingly called "Dream Cottage".
Unfortunately, the back door appeared to be locked . . .
The back garden wasn't exactly big enough for a marque but it did have the remains of a garage and an outhouse.
There was an open door elsewhere so I stepped inside "Dream Cottage".
In typical fashion, the previous owners had apparently left in a hurry, leaving some possessions behind!
Someone had laid on drinks to welcome us . . . !
The chimney appeared to need cleaning - there was soot everywhere!
I counted four layers of wallpaper!
Into the kitchen . . .
Into the second living room . . . "What's on telly tonight?"
"Another telly!"



I don't think this property will feature on "Escape to the Country" but it had a certain appeal.

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