Saturday, 31 October 2015

Derelict POW Camp

This ex POW camp is located behind a farm a few miles from Crewe. According to information found on t' net regarding its history, in World War II the site was originally commissioned as an anti aircraft defence site, to defend Crewe but guns were never delivered as the threats from bombing had gone. German, and Italian POW’s were stationed at the camp and worked on farms during and after the war. It was a satellite camp of another camp in the area and wasn't assigned an official camp number and very often forgotten about. Apparently, some of the POWs stayed in the area, married local girls, raised families and lived happily in the area for many years after the war.

The Nissan huts remain there today over 70 years after the War, although they are very run-down now.  Since the war the huts have been used for the farms storage and to shelter livestock.

The place was overgrown with brambles, long grass and other foliage.
Some of the Nissan huts were open to the elements.


The place was very peaceful and quiet. We didn't even see or hear the peacock that roams around the place. Just as we left, some more "Urbexers" arrived.

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