Tuesday, 13 December 2016

"Foggy's" Farmhouse, Yorkshire

This abandoned farm is deceptively huge and took a good three and a half hours to explore. I visited with Judderman, who had visited this place previously.

The farmhouse had several bedrooms - some upstairs and some downstairs. This rather splendid old suitcase and trunk were found in an upstairs bedroom. The trunk had compartments and coathangers included.

It's difficult to find out how long this place has been abandoned but there was a calendar on the wall dating back to 2006.

 In the living room sat this lonely old bunny. The owners had clearly been animal lovers, judging from the amount of cat food left behind.

A chair by the front door - nature was clearly fighting back!

The outhouses contained many crates of juice - presumably one of the side-lines of the farm.
The best-before date on the lid read "Oct 2007".

The stables - still smelling of horses!



  1. very nice m'dear. some cracking shots there. Still not happy with a lot of my pics. Do I go for a third visit ??