Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Abandoned "Dog House"

This abandoned house earned the nickname "Dog House" thanks to this warning inscribed into a stone notice by the door. However, it doesn't much look like a dog anymore . . . !

The house was on the market in 2013 for £369,950. It didn't sell and has fallen into a rapidly declining derelict structure. Set in rural greenbelt land, the site contains 11 acres. The house is believed to date back 400 years with later additions. It must have been quite a house in its day, with three reception rooms and four bedrooms.

                              I visited on a murky, drizzly February Sunday with Judderman.  
                          Entry was round the back. Firstly the garage.

The living rooms were extremely dark and not much left behind. There were quite a few children's toys scattered around the house, and, quite disconcertingly, bolts on the outside of the bedroom doors!

Then upstairs, where light was not a problem, mainly because the roof was so badly destroyed.

This was the entrance to what was once a balcony on the upper floor.

This last bedroom was accessed by going down a couple of steps and then up another step. The roof was almost non-existent and so open to the elements. There was foliage growing on the floor and on the rotting mattresses left behind.

 Back outside.

 This was a weird Robin Reliant which appeared to have been converted into a rather basic caravan.

And finally, the view from the house. Idyllic. Such a shame for it to rot into its present state.