Sunday, 7 January 2018

Abandoned Cone works

This traffic cone works is long abandoned, having set up premises elsewhere after a fire in 2006 which caused considerable damage. It was originally set up in 1982 and they manufactured traffic cones and speed ramps. There are security gates at the opening to the works, next to some cottages but a quick walk down the side reveals a short fence that even I could climb over with ease! I visited alone on a sunny but cold January afternoon. 

The place is well and truly trashed!

However, the light was quite good, and created some pleasing shadows. 

Not much in the way of street art.

 With a leaking roof, the place was rather wet.

 I'm guessing that this is the part that took the most damage from the fire.

Not a great deal to see and obviously well past its best but fine for a solo mooch with low risk of being caught. 

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