Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Allen Brickworks revisited

Judderman invited me to a revisit to Allen Brickworks in January. It has been just over four years since my last visit and it was interesting to see it again, this time visiting some parts that I hadn't seen last time. It was a freezing cold Sunday morning when we arrived and we had the place to ourselves at first. We later came across a graff artist and then some foolhardy kids who climbed onto the roof of one of the derelict buildings!

The place is thoroughly trashed but still retains some charm. There is an abundance of abandoned bricks, so I amused myself with a game of "Spot the brick". 

There is a range of graff - and no end of walls for artists to paint on.

I finally found a piece of graff that I remembered seeing four years ago . . . 
it seems to have faded. 

We spent about four hours on site. It's surprisingly larger than I remembered. All in all, it was a pleasing Sunday mooch. 

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