Friday, 16 February 2018

Lord Line Building, Hull

St. Andrew's Dock opened in 1883 and was used for the fishing industry. The dock had its own ice plant, banks, shops, a post office and a police station. The Lord Line building was officially opened in 1949 for the trawling industry. Sadly, the industry declined when Iceland announced that there would be a 200 mile limit to where trawlers would be permitted to fish around Iceland. This affected the industry so badly that the dock closed in 1975. Today, the building is derelict and has been under threat of demolition. However, in December Councillors on the city's planning committee voted unanimously to refuse an application to demolish the Lord Line and pump house.
I visited on a sunny but freezing cold February morning with Judderman.

We climbed the stairs to the top floor. There was plenty of street art on every available wall. 

The view from the top of the building.

It soon became apparent that this building was larger than I realised with a maze of little rooms leading off each other. 

At this point we were aware of some other people in the building. They had cameras and balloons which they seemed to be filming floating around the building!

One of the surviving balloons. 

After exploring the Lord Line building we walked over to the pumphouse and had a look round.

I enjoyed this explore - lots to see despite the dereliction. 


  1. Cracking write up and pics - definitely much, much better than mine. Well done Mrs.

    1. Thank you. I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with yours.