Thursday, 22 February 2018

Hartshead Power Station

It was "one of those days" . . . three locations that we'd planned to explore were being renovated when we turned up and one location had a super-eager security guard thwarting any plans of entering! So Plan Z was to look at Hartshead Power Station. ('We' being AML and myself)

A little bit of history from Wikipedia: "The station was opened in 1926 by the Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Transport and Electricity Board. The station began operation with three Metropolitan-Vickers 12,500 kw turbo-alternators generating at the local SHMD supply frequency of 40H. Later that year the station's output was changed to the nationally agreed standard of 50Hz. In 1935, a major expansion of Hartshead began with the first of three new Metropoliatn-Vickers 30,000 kw generating sets being commissioned, followed by the second in 1941 and the third set in 1950. The station's concrete cooling towers were constructed in the 1940s. Coal was delivered to the plant at Millbrook Railway Sidings on the Micklehurst Line, situated on the opposite side of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The sidings were built in 1932 and had space to hold up to 130 12-ton wagons. Coal was fed into a hopper underneath the sidings before being transported on an enclosed conveyor belt which emerged high above the valley to cross the River Tame and canal before entering the station at a high level. The station was closed on 29th October 1979 with a generating capacity of 64 megawatts. It was demolished during the late 1980s, although part of the site is still used as an electrical substation." 
Access was easy and we didn't see a soul until we were coming out and a man with a video camera appeared, with plans of shooting a "Zombie apocalypse" film!

There are just two buildings left. One is a two storey building and the other is just one storey. 

Both buildings are thoroughly trashed and nature is fighting back and winning but there a few bits and bobs left of interest if you look hard enough.


Up the outside concrete staircase to the upper floor of the larger building.

Then on to the smaller building.

It was a lot more interesting than I had anticipated but I didn't really have any expectations at all! 

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