Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Abandoned Theme Park

This theme park has been closed to the public for about a year now and nature is starting to fight back, with grass and thorns growing copiously amongst what remains of the tracks and rides. While we were there, there were contractors dismantling some of the remaining fixtures and rides. This added to the adrenaline of being somewhere we shouldn't be and encouraged us to navigate the park via the overgrown outskirts so as not to be seen! It was fairly easy to access the site on a wet and windy October morning . . .




We were amazed and delighted to discover that the dragon flyer ride was still around, although the tracks have started to be taken back by nature. Speaking of which, I was attacked by a bush of nettles and slipped on wet leaves but I guess those are occupational hazards!
After a nasty scare when we thought the contractors were "onto us" and we started to run back in the direction of the entrance, we luckily happened upon a way round to the back of the park, where the roller coaster is located.
 It cost Camelot Theme Park £3 million to build the rollercoaster, Knightmare. The ride's  tallest point is 80 feet tall and when running would take you through various sharp turns, multiple helixes and a near vertical bend (known as "the psycho drop") halfway through the ride where you experience approximately 5G, reaching speeds of about 40 mph. Knightmare was bestowed the title as one of the most intense rollercoasters in the UK. Now it stands forlorn, awaiting dismantling.

Dodging the white vans which were parked far too close to Knightmare for my liking, we got right onto the tracks.

Again, nature is beginning to fight back. The cars are long since removed and there are bits of the track missing.
Our next mission was to try to locate the Ghost train. We were told that there was a wild boar outside so we knew we had found the correct place. Unfortunately, on entering round the side, access was well and truly blocked and the contractors were within spitting distance of us so we legged it back to safety!



By this point we were happy with what we had seen, considering how long the theme park has been closed. We had other places to visit so made our way back, spotting two police vans parked up inside the grounds on our way out didn't do much for the nerves!
 Sad to see a place where people used to have fun, in such a sorry state. This site will probably become a housing estate in due time.


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