Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bus Graveyard

This place is weird! I would never have found it without my Urbex friend who had stumbled upon it on a walk one afternoon. A local farmer, who owns the land, has decided for some reason, to let old buses come to rust and decay in a rather muddy, barren field, somewhere near Westhoughton.

We had been warned that the owner had a vicious dog, which made us rather nervous, but luckily, neither dog nor owner were to be seen on this wet and windy afternoon that we chose to have a mooch.

As usual, nature is taking over, with one of the buses almost completely overgrown with brambles and various undergrowth.

There is also a range of random, rusting farm machinery lying around. The weather was so blustery that we quickly took our shots and left, relieved not to have met the owner or his dog!


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