Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Horwich works was built on 142 hectares of land bought in April 1884 for £36,000.
The site is now an industrial estate, appropriately named "Horwich Loco", with most of the buildings still in use. We popped in on the off-chance, not expecting to see much. It was easy access onto the site by car. We immediately spotted an interesting looking building, with the obligatory broken windows.

We got a glimpse inside through an broken window and it looked well worth a visit but alas, we could not find a way in!

We wandered further round to take some more photographs when one of the workers came out of his building to ask us "Who are you representing?" We explained our unusual hobby and he seemed happy that we were just looking round, taking photographs and started chatting to us about how he had served his apprenticeship here in 1976 and now the place was going to soon be abandoned with the land being sold to build houses on.


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